View of Barnhill Rock Garden in summer

Barnhill Rock Garden

It's Your Neighbourhood

"In 2008 The Barnhill Rock Garden took part in a new initiative for groups who were involved in local environmental improvements. 45 communities across Scotland took part in these 'Neighbourhood Awards' and the Rock Garden was one of three to receive the Certificate of Outstanding achievement. In 2010 the Scheme changed to 'It's Your Neighbourhood' under the Keep Scotland Beautiful banner. This non competitive campaign was an ideal opportunity for volunteer-led community groups to make positive change in their environment. There are three main themes: Community Participation, Environmental Responsibility and Gardening Achievement. There are 5 levels of certificate which are: Establishing, Improving, Developing, Thriving and Outstanding. Since then the group has entered every year and has consistently achieved an Outstanding grade ie level 5, as well as a certificate of Distinction."


It's Your Neighbourhood Award 20-21