View of Barnhill Rock Garden in summer

Barnhill Rock Garden

History of Barnhill Rock Garden

An early postcard of Barnhill golf course

Barnhill Rock Garden is situated on part of a former nine-hole golf course, which was laid out when the Dundee to Aberdeen railway line was built. When the Esplanade was constructed in 1895, the course was established, on advice from golfer Tom Morris, with four holes west of Bridge Street - now the Rock Garden - and five holes to the east. The course was completed in 1896 and cost a grand total of £80.

Barnhill ladies golf club

The last visible reminder of the course, the former clubhouse of the Broughty Ferry Ladies Golf Club was demolished following a fire in 1993.

former clubhouse of Broughty Ferry ladies golf club

The Garden was started in 1955 by clearing an area of volcanic rock which had at one time been the old shore line. Over the years it was extended eastwards over areas which had been sand dunes, and rock from Carmylie Quarry was used to form a large part of the garden. There were originally five natural springs and the lowest pond is the site of one of these, the others having dried up in 1976. The lower ponds were created in 1982, and the upper ponds in 1985. They have separate water circulating systems.

Preparing the water feature